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Dog Walking Assistant


We are looking for a dog walking assistant to join our incredibly professional and friendly dog care business. You should be a natural dog lover and have excellent problem-solving skills when working with animals. Previous experience in dog handling is preferable but not essential as full training will be provided. If you enjoy lots of outdoor walks, cuddles and licks, then this is the job for you.


The ideal candidate will be self-employed and work on a contract basis (minimum 4-5 weekdays a week). You will have the opportunity to earn up to £1600/month. 


What a typical day would roughly look like


  • Arrive at the business premises around 8:15 am

  • Plan your day with the team

  • Morning walks (8:30 am onwards) Walk a mix of dogs that are on daycare and dogs that need picking up from their own homes within walking distance of the business premises. Depending on how many dogs are scheduled for the day, you will do multiple pickups and drop-offs.

  • Lunch break

  • Afternoon walks (2:30 pm onwards) Similar to above

  • Finish around 4:00-4:30 pm (The timings indicated above can sometimes change based on how busy each day would be)

  • See it in pictures at 


Your general responsibilities


  • Taking care of and keeping each and every dog safe at all times.

  • Understanding each dog’s temperament and behaviours and managing them effectively, both when walking and when playing as a group

  • Keeping the dogs clean and healthy by cleaning up after dogs wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the dogs and the environment they live in is always spotless.

  • Picking up and dropping off dogs from their homes whilst being respectful and responsible for other people’s properties.

  • Ensuring dogs do not misbehave when they are being walked in public areas and not damage 3rd party property

  • Making sure that dogs do not scavenge on food while they are being walked (i.e. chicken bones, break on streets)

  • Keep dogs secured on their leads and collars when being walked in public areas. 

  • Be responsible for up to 4 dogs at one time. However, you will build-up to this number of dogs as you are trained, your confidence grows, and experience is gained.


The ideal candidate should be


  • True animal lover and have great problem-solving skills

  • Able to work 4-5 days a week (Monday-Friday only) from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm and looking for a long-term position with the business

  • Have good hand dexterity and grip to confidently hold dog leads and be able to un-clip leads/safety seat belts. 

  • Be strong enough to handle an enthusiastic/pulling dog and also pick up and/or carry up a dog.

  • Confident, active and physically fit to be able to manage the needs of multiple dogs and control them effectively as needed 

  • Have attention to detail, be punctual, trustworthy and highly responsible

  • Able to communicate effectively in English

  • Have a smartphone and able to operate it effectively to communicate and coordinate with other members of the team (WhatsApp, photos, social media etc.)

  • Able to get to the business premises (postcode SE1 4TX) fairly easily every working day

  • Eligible to work in the UK and willing to be self-employed


Previous experience in dog handling is preferred but not essential, and full training will be provided. You will start to work on your own only after the training period is over and the business owner is comfortable with your performance. 


We provide dog care services all year round; most of your working day will involve you being outdoors. You will need to be prepared to come into work in all weathers and not be afraid of getting wet, covered in fur or muddy paws.


How to apply


If interested, email us at with

A short description of you and your background and what you have been doing for work previously (If you have a CV please attach)

  • A picture of you with a dog

  • The date you can start work

  • We will get in touch with you ASAP.

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