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Say 'Hello' to friends of ActiveBarks who can help you in many ways...




Wanderdog is a fully insured and dedicated dog training and walking business. Essentially they are crazy about dogs! They offer one-to-one private puppy and dog training, so you and your Wanderdog can learn within the comfort of your own home. They also hold interactive group puppy classes and intermediate follow-on classes at the Bermondsey Village Hall.  Wanderdog uses positive reinforcement techniques, based on modern science and research, as these are proven to be safer, more effective and have longer lasting results.



Holly & LIl (


Holly & LIl makes unique, leather dog collars. They are all designer originals and handmade in London. Their dog roomers are award winners and offer the same high-quality grooming services. You can leave your dog to be groomed and pop off shopping - then come back and go for lunch or dinner with your dog - the shop is so dog-friendly. 


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